Steel framed homes are growing in popularity as a disaster-resistant alternative to traditional wood construction, but they’re still a relatively unknown alternative. In our years of doing business we’ve found the most commonly asked questions and provided our simplest answers. You may also contact us directly if you want more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once they are finished, our homes look like any other house.

A steel framed home is no more likely to be hit by lightning than a wood framed house. The difference is that the steel home is much safer if it is struck. 

Yes. We give you a reflective foil, radiant barrier insulation for the roof and walls to act as a thermal break and to stop radiant heat penetration in the summer and radiant heat loss in the winter. 

Yes, you will need motorized lifting equipment to help you unload the steel when it arrives and to stand your main columns and rafters. Typically, a contractor will have the necessary equipment for unloading and building the home.

The average price per square foot to build a new home in 2022 is around $200 to $300 with average finish out and can be higher. Prices are dependent on how you finish the outside, inside, local labor rates for contractors, and materials, other factors that play into the final price per square foot.

No, though most people do because it’s more cost effective. We offer optional floor joist systems if you’d prefer a basement or crawl space.

More Questions?

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